Important Message from SIPOA Board President Bill Connolly

The Saturday, June 3 edition of the Charleston Post & Courier contains an article titled “Laid Back Living on Seabrook”. This article was written by Rachael Lolar. The article, which appears in the Real Estate section of the newspaper, is positive and favorable toward Seabrook Island but it contains one significant error. Ms. Lolar writes erroneously:

“a purchasable pass will allow you to enter this protected world.

Seabrook Island does not allow uninvited guests to purchase a pass to enter the island. We have reached out to Ms. Lolar requesting a published correction of her statement in error. We have also informed our gate access team that there has been no change to our access policy and instructed them to politely turn away anyone asking to purchase an entry pass.

-Submitted by Bill Connolly, Board President for SIPOA