Backpack Buddies Seabrook Island: Another Successful School Year!

The end of the Charleston County school year is right around the corner and the many Backpack Buddies Seabrook Island volunteers will pack the last bags for the school year on June 1, 2023.

We had an extremely successful school year because of our hard-working volunteers, generous donors, school representatives and many other members of the community. Collectively, we delivered over 15,000 bags of food between Fall 2022 and Spring 2023. 

The many volunteers shop, pack and deliver over 385 bags of food weekly during the school year. This is an amazing accomplishment and the 385 children and families that we serve at Mt Zion Elementary, Lambs Elementary and St. Johns Island High School are grateful for the work of Backpack Buddies Seabrook Island. 

Backpack Buddies Seabrook Island is successful due to the generosity of the Seabrook Island Community – thank you for your kindness and commitment to this very worthy cause. And remember, 94 cents of every dollar donated goes directly to school children.

Thank you again and we can’t wait for the next school year which begins in August 2023.

-Submitted by Lynn Baker for Backpack Buddies Seabrook Island