Sculpture Exhibit at the Gibbes

A new exhibition in the Gibbes Museum of Art’s Art Sales Gallery is now on view, Oceanic Drift: Sculptures Washed Ashore, by former visiting artist Nadia Stieglitz. This immersive exhibition of sculptures, which is on view until July 23, 2023, is meant to elicit a sense of awe, inspiration and connection through the encounter of artwork and coastal elements. 

For a deeper look into Nadia’s work, join her Artist Talk on Saturday, June 17, 2023 at 2:00 pm in the Art Sales Gallery. Nadia’s works invite imaginative interpretations of the natural world and inspire a sense of enchantment while going beyond aesthetic pleasure and carrying a deeper message of coastal conservation. The exhibition is meant to reflect the fragility of our coastal ecosystems and the importance of preserving these precious natural habitats. To learn more about Nadia, click here.

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