New Code Enforcement Portal

The new Code Enforcement Portal is now available from the town’s website at

Residents may use this portal to report an alleged violation 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Complaints received via the portal will be automatically routed to a town code enforcement officer for investigation and possible enforcement action. The portal will also be a useful management tool for tracking the types and locations of violations taking place within the town.

When using the portal to report an alleged violation, users will be asked to provide the location of the alleged violation. They will also be asked to specify the nature of the alleged violation from a cascading menu containing the most common types of violations. Users may also upload pictures, videos, and other supporting documentation as part of their complaint.

Individuals reporting an alleged violation will also be asked to provide their name and contact information. This information may be used in the event a code enforcement officer needs to reach you for additional information or clarification about your complaint. The identity of anyone reporting an alleged violation will be kept confidential and protected pursuant to S.C. Code of Laws, Section 30-4-40(a)(3) unless the town is ordered to release such information by a court of law.

Click here to directly access the portal.

– Submitted by Seabrook Island Town Hall