Berkeley Electric Website

Are you like most people and only go into the Berkeley Electric Cooperative website when you have a question about your service or your bill? Interestingly, there is a wealth of information there that you may find helpful on their website.

  • Sign up for the Operation Round Up program. “Small change that changes lives” is the foundation on which the program was built. Members agree to round up their monthly electric bill to the next highest dollar to help pay for such items as home repairs, HVAC repair or replacement, and building wheel chair ramps for qualified individuals. You can find more information on the My Community dropdown menu.
  • Register for Peak Alerts to help hold down the cost of power. You will receive a notice that shows the projected time of a peak so you can voluntarily delay the use of appliances, such as dishwashers and clothes dryers.
  • Berkeley Electric Co-op has partnered with Redwood Materials to recycle lithium-icon battery and rechargeable device recycling. Battery recycling bins are available in each of the Co-op’s district offices. The closest one to Seabrook Island is at 1135 Main Road, Johns Island.
  • Are you thinking of buying an electric vehicle (EV)? The website has information about choosing an EV as well as finding rebates, tax credits, incentives and discounts. It also gives you information about installing a level 2 24oV charging system in your home. Once on the website, click on the My Energy dropdown.
  • Do you need to know where you can charge your EV when you are not at home? To find a charger anywhere in the United Sates and Canada, click on the My Energy dropdown.

    There is additional information about a variety of topics on their website. Check it out!

    -Tidelines Editors