Seabrook Island Veterans Interviewed

Nine Seabrook Island veterans were recently interviewed at The Lake House for the Veterans History Project which is sponsored by the Library of Congress. Many thanks to these vets for their service to their country and for sharing their military experiences: Rob Bavier, Jeff Homeier, Andy Grimalda, Gordon Weis, Olly Edwards, Scott Humphries, George Conbeer, Larry Mayland, and Doug Carlson. We hope more veterans will consider participating.

Larry Mayland, right

The purpose of the Veterans History Project is to collect, preserve, and make accessible the firsthand recollections of U.S. military veterans. Why? So future generations can hear directly from veterans and better understand what they saw, felt, and did during their service. 
All of these thousands of interviews weave a tapestry of insight and experience. They are stored at the Library of Congress and made available for viewing by clicking here. Imagine your great-great-grandchildren being able to “meet” you and learn about your life and experiences…. or young people considering service learning from you…. or researchers better understanding their topic based on your observations. 

Doug Carlson

All veterans are encouraged to participate in the project, whether they were in combat or not. Veterans interested in being interviewed should contact Tina Mayland at or by phone at 843-822-3646. The process is simple- a date and time to film a series of interviews will be set up, each typically lasting 30-45 minutes.

Volunteers who are interested in being trained to interview veterans are needed. If you are willing to dedicate a day or two a month to the Veterans History Project, please contact Tina Mayland.

-Submitted by Tina Mayland