Black Scoters on Seabrook Beach

There have been regular sightings of Black Scoters on our Seabrook beach. But Scoters are winter visitors that are often seen in the ocean at some distance.

imageAlthough rarely seen here in summer, they are now on the SC eBird Rare Bird Alert. By now they should be way up north on tundra lakes. These are sea ducks, but are now very close to shore. We’ve even seen a few standing on the beach!

Submitted by Aija and Ed Konrad


Editor’s Note:  I believe I saw one of these among a flock of gulls on the beach last week. It definitely stood out from the others. I thought it might be hurt and walked close to it. The bird didn’t fly away, but just paddled into the surf.




2 thoughts on “Black Scoters on Seabrook Beach”

  1. David Gardner at Camp St Christopher feels that these are young ducks that for some reason did not fly north with the rest of the flock and we will see them all summer. He is the head of the Barrier Island Program at the camp.

  2. I am happy to know the names of these little ducks! I have been seeing them every morning I am on the beach for Turtle Patrol. They are a group of about 20 or so and stay very close together in the morning. They are often laying on the beach in a group but as we approach they all run into the water. They are very cute. This is the first time I have ever seen them on our beach!

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