Dump TruckConstruction for new Cap’n Sams Inlet began on schedule May 18th and by June 1st, the basin for the new channel was nearly complete. The project team elected to breach the seaward end of the basin on Tuesday June 2nd because of favorable tides. By then, the stockpile of sand on the Kiawah side of the inlet was nearly 50 ft high, in position to close the channel.

Goodson Construction, the contractor, shifted some equipment to Seabrook and began stockpiling sand for the closure. We elected to attempt closure on Thursday June 4th, again because of favorable timing of the tides, but unfortunately the tide came in too fast to hold the initial dike and the first attempt was abandoned.

Plans now call for rebuilding a larger stockpile on the Seabrook side and bringing in extra dozers. For the next few days, we’ll keep the new channel closed at the landward end and return to the site on Monday with a rested crew. Sand will be stockpiled on both sides of the inlet until we have enough positioned for the final closure. We’ll establish flow in the new channel before attempting another closure of the existing inlet. We’re confident the project will be complete within the next 10 days.

Submitted by Steve Hirsch
SIPOA Director of Engineering

Photo by Bill Nelson

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  1. John Turner says:

    What are they doing to get the truck and dozed out, at least to secure the fuel?

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