Dump Truck in Capt Sams Cut

I was down on Cap’n Sams just before sunset and was surprised to see a dump truck in the middle of the cut. From what I understand the driver escaped injury.

Submitted by Joanne Threlfall


2 thoughts on “Dump Truck in Capt Sams Cut”

  1. Holy cow…What could this group be thinking to take a little rest until Monday?

    The real issue going forward will center on whether or not we can afford to take on any more risk . Who will pay for all of this cleanup?We have an environmental nightmare on our hands if even one drop of that hydraulic fluid leaks out into the water.

    The Feds could order an emergency cleanup, backcharge the Town of Seabrook (and/or Kiawah,) literally bankrupting our Town. We are probably on some agency’s environmentally sensitive hot list for gross negligence. We may have to monitor the water quality of the area forever at great cost since it involves a critical habitat.

    Let’s get on our knees and pray that someone can get the equipment out immediately without any fluids escaping that might harm fish, crabs, oysters and our beautiful beaches.

  2. This report came from Bill Nelson in an email to the Turtle Patrol:

    “The construction crew had a really rough night loosing both a truck and bulldozer into the inlet when the dikes were lost to the high tide. The strategy is now to build bigger piles of sand today and likely tomorrow to prepare for another try, probably on Sunday. This outlook may change as they work today and tomorrow. You will get updates daily from here in case they adjust their schedule.

    The truck was doomed early in the evening as the side of the dike gave way when he got too close to the water on the ocean side. There are pictures below as he began to sink into what was 12 feet of water. The Dozer was in the middle of the dike when the whole thing started to go and they couldn’t save it.”

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