Cap’n Sams Relocation Project Update: 06/08/15

R.E. Goodson was back on site this morning at 8:00 AM. They began scraping and stockpiling sand. They will continue stockpiling sand until they have enough to begin the closure sequence. The tide conditions are favorable on Thursday and Friday, and they hope to attempt the closure as early as Thursday if they have enough sand stockpiled.
R.E. Goodson will attempt to recover the dump truck and bulldozer that were lost during the first closure attempt on Wednesday morning at low tide by pulling them out using two bulldozers and steel cables. They are bringing in two additional larger bulldozers to help with this recovery and the closure sequence.
All of the fuel and oil was removed from the vehicles by a dive team over the weekend. SCDHEC and the US Coast Guard have visited the site and inspected it for navigation safety and environmental concerns. At no point did the contractor, engineer, or regulatory inspectors find any evidence fuel or oil leaks.
Heather Paton
SIPOA Executive Director

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