Visitor Captures Video of Dolphins Strand Feeding

Longtime Seabrook visitor Eileen DeCamp captured this impressive video of dolphins strand feeding a few days ago, showcasing some of the abundant wildlife with which we coexist on the Island. Thanks to Kristina Skalak and Kelly Butorac of the Club for sharing.

[Editor’s Note: Everyone loves dolphins, but most people do not realize that NOAA Fisheries officials urge people to move at least 50 yards away from dolphins when they are strand feeding. Use binoculars or zoom lenses on cameras to get good views. Be aware that feeding, attempting to feed, or harassing wild dolphins while feeding is both harmful and illegal. The same goes for touching or swimming with them. Civil penalties and criminal penalties are posted. For more information, click here. Bottom line: Please keep your distance, let them do their thing, and help others become aware of our need to respect these wonderful creatures.]

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