Turtle News – It’s all about Nest 63

Nest #63, located on Zone 3 south of walk #5, will be inventoried on Sunday at 8:30 AM. This nest was found by Joyce & Tom Pinckney & Marcia Papanek.  Jen Gibson, the Doanes and Liz Devens moved it to it’s new location after the dune it had been on collapsed.

unnamed-4Zone 3 had the most fun this morning.  At nest #63 when we softened the sand, one baby poked his head out, then 11 more followed.  So we had the pleasure of helping 12 babies safely to the water. A few vacationers had the thrill of seeing their first turtle babies.

-Submitted by Beautsie Zahrn

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  1. Karin: The Seabrook Island Turtle Patrol maintains a web site at: siturtlepatrol.com. You can use the Contact information under “About Us” to find someone who could answer your question. –Tidelines Editor

    • Karin – As of 9/6 there are 7 nests yet to be inventoried. Inventories are announced a day or two in advance on Tidelines as well as on the Seabrook Island Turtle Patrol web site -siturtlepatrol.com.

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