iOS Security Hack Requires Attention

If you’re one of the large number of people on the Island who own an iPhone or iPad, be aware of the worst security hack in iOS history that recently took place. Otherwise legitimate developers used infected code called “XCodeGhost” downloaded from a Chinese web site. Hundreds of apps, most of them in the Chinese App Store, were affected. There is no way of knowing how far the bad code has leaked out beyond China.

There are basic precautions everyone can use to avoid having an infected iPhone or iPad cause a personal security breach. The folks at have a useful article that includes a link to a list of affected apps that should be purged from your device until a developer patch has been issued. Read the article here.

Apple has posted a bulletin on the issue here. While this does not appear to be a severely malicious code at this juncture, the actions suggested are precautionary in nature. In other words, be aware of any strange dialog boxes that pop up on your mobile devices or attempts to get you to “confirm” your Apple ID–good advice under any circumstances.

—Tidelines Staff

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