Island Roads Passable But Standing Water Requires Caution

[NOTE: Property Owners should monitor their e-mail for notices from SIPOA and check with the Town’s web site for official information. Tidelines will be post information regarding conditions as they are encountered by staff, but these are not official pronouncements unless otherwise indicated. Our postings reflect conditions at the time noted; be aware that these can change.]

9::00 AM: A drive around the Island indicates that circulation is possible, but standing water at locations on Seabrook Island Road requires caution. Earlier this morning, Island Security was turning back traffic at Seabrook Island Road and Baywood. The section of SBIR between Baywood and Andell Way has standing water.

On the opposite loop of SBIR, there is standing water at the intersection of the maintenance shed area and in the area around the intersection of Cat Tail Pond. Royal Pine and the near vicinity of Old Forest also has standing water. All these roads are passable, but we advise traversing them slowly and, if possible, in vehicles with higher wheel bases.

The parkway to the traffic circle is OK, but water is building up in the ditches. Harris Teeter is open in Freshfields.

Conditions at some of these locations will likely worsen on either side of high tide, which will occur between 1:00 and 1:30 PM today.

We are posting this same information along with media bits in our story feed post near the top of this page. Use our story feed throughout this rain event for updates. We encourage our readers to provide additional information by commenting on this post, and sending photos or video to

—Tidelines Staff



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