SIPOA Dog Park Meeting and Survey

For several months, a SIPOA Dog Park study group has met to assess the feasibility of establishing a small dog park on Seabrook on property adjacent to the Town Hall.  At this stage, it is essential to assess community interest in this proposal.

With this objective in mind, in  mid-November, SIPOA will distribute a brief survey to assess community interest in this proposed dog park.  To assist Seabrook property owners in better understanding the proposal and in responding to this survey, the SIPOA Dog Park study group will hold an open meeting on November 2 at 7 PM in the Live Oak Room at the Lake House to describe their work and answer related questions.  The meeting will include a presentation on the dog park followed by questions and should last about 45 minutes.  Please come and hear the plans, help us assess your interest and pick up a treat for yourself and your furry friend.

If you’re unable to attend this meeting, informal drop-in informational sessions will be held on November 3 from 3:30- 5:30 PM and November 11 from 9 – 11 AM at a table in the foyer of the Lake House and study group members will be available to help you understand the proposal.

Submitted by Deborah Robinson, Tidelines Guest Columnist

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  1. I would strongly suggest inviting a couple of veterinarians to explain how many dogs are injured in these parks by being attacked by other dogs.

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