SIPOA Executive Director’s Report – December 2015

Executive Director’s Report

Happy New Year! The following is the December 2015 operational report of our activities last month.

Things are going smoothly at the Gatehouse. The staff is temporarily reduced due to some resignations and military duty obligations, but all shifts are covered. Visitor passes issued Thanksgiving weekend were down slightly from last year.

Lake House:
The Thanksgiving weekend events went well. As usual, the Turkey Trot and Relay were well-attended, and the Tree Lighting and S’mores were enjoyed by many residents and guests. Thanks to all the volunteers and staff who made the weekend such a success!!

ARC Activity:
New Homes:
Applications Pending = 11
New Homes Approved, not yet started = 5
New Homes Under Construction = 18
New Homes Complete YTD =10

Repair & Maintenance Projects:
Maintenance Projects Approved in November = 42
Maintenance Projects Approved YTD = 568

Operations & Maintenance:
We are wrapping up projects for this year and preparing for 2016 projects. Layne Inliner will meet with staff this week to discuss the pipe lining scheduled for January and February. Designs for the new road signs are almost complete. We anticipate installation of the new signs early in 2016.

The North American Land Trust (NALT), which is the agency that administers the wildflower field, has responded to the plans we sent them in the fall. The plans proposed two options for active and passive recreational use of the site, and were developed in response to a survey of property owners on their opinions for use of the field. The response from NALT stated that “trail construction and maintenance are permissible, but we cannot support any additional recreational infrastructure or improvements.” They suggest that the meadow be planted with native vegetation supporting a coastal maritime forest subject to coastal climates and influences. This is in keeping with many of the survey responses that recommended a natural planting area. We have referred this information to the Environmental Committee to develop a new proposal which we plan submit to NALT in 2016.

We would like to thank the property owners who participated in the survey on possible uses of the wildflower field, and also to the many volunteers who worked to develop the proposals. We will keep you updated as the revised plans are developed.
The new phone/internet system was installed at the Administration Building and Gatehouse on December 9th. The new Lake House system (including a transfer to XFinity TV in the fitness center) is scheduled for December 21st.

Heather Paton, SIPOA Executive Director

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