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Ed Moran has sent in some more pictures of the eagles that live high up in a tree between the third green of Ocean Winds and the fourth tee box of Crooked Oaks.  The baby is now about four to six weeks old and is almost as big as his/her parents!

Ed has also provided us with some interesting facts about our new neighbors.  He says that eagles live about thirty years and when they reach four to five years old, they begin to look for a mate.  This ritual, which is a mid-air dance, will bond their lifelong commitment.  It will only change if one dies.

Eagles lay one to three eggs and their incubation is about 35 days.  Each egg is about the size of a goose egg.

As we can see, baby eagles grow rapidly.  At one month, they are about full grown and their beak and feet are also almost adult size.  The eaglet is grey in color at birth.  At about five weeks, brown feathers will begin to replace the grey down.  Ed notes that he can see our eaglet flapping around to get rid of this grey down.  It takes about three years to get the brown and white coloring of an adult.

Eaglets begin to fly at three to four months and they build their wing strength by fluttering around in the nest and jumping from the nest to nearby branches.

Some other interesting facts about adult eagles are that the average height is 26 to 38 inches, average weight about seven to fifteen pounds and the wing span can be as wide as seven feet across.

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