Turtle Patrol Weekly Summary 5/22/16

Turtle Patrol is started to get some activity this past or as Beautsie would say, “We are rocking and rolling now!”Nesting loggerhead on SI

Tuesday, May 17 –  Vicki & Bob Becker are singing this morning after finding the crawl in front of the house between the big yellow house and Bill Nelson’s house. It is nest # 2 on zone 2. They helped Judy Morr move 104 eggs back to a little dune behind where mama left them.

Wednesday, May 18 – The excitement was on zone 4 with a BIG crawl past the second dog sign.Mama went everywhere with loops etc but the sand was hard everywhere
Tim Morawski, Terry Fansler and Sandy McCoss probed. They dug too but never found the nest. It is marked with a pink flag. Walkers were Shawna Parker, Tom Collins, Rich Siegel and Jim Lawrence.

Zone 3 had bugs
Zone 2 had trash
Zone 1 had jellies and a tent at the camp that I reported to the town.

We are getting activity. Now we need more nests.

Nest #3 5-16

Friday, May 20 – The only activity on the beach today was a great one. Zone 4 walkers Alison Bowers, Sandy MacCoss, Tory Kindley and Pat and Bob Derajtys found a crawl just past the first dog sign. Bill Greubel responded and found his 50th nest as a first responder. What an accomplishment. Congratulations Bill !!

61 eggs were moved back on the dune by the first dog sign. Some lucky visitors saw the mama on the beach last night and called Beautsie at 11 PM. They were very excited about seeing the mama do her thing.


Saturday, May 21-  Zone 1 had a turtle swimming offshore at the creek. Maybe she will on the beach tonight.

Zone 2 and 3 had nothing.to report

Zone 4 had an in and out crawl in the bird area.

That’s all folks.
Tomorrow is another day.

Sunday, May 22 – It was a quiet day on the zones. The only activity was crab holes on nests # 1 and # 3. The walkers filled the holes with sand.

We need to wake up these girls. They are are’t doing their part by coming in and leaving nests.

Enjoy this beautiful day.

Submitted by Beautsie Zahrn and Gary Fansler

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