Environmental Committee Volunteer Opportunity


If you are looking for a simple but rewarding volunteer opportunity with preset dates four times a year, the Environmental Committee would like to hear from you.

A coordinator is needed for the Adopt a Highway Program. If you like to work with someone, co-coordinators, are just fine with the EC. Four times a year volunteers pick up trash along Betsy Kerrison Parkway.

The Parkway is the gateway to Seabrook and Kiawah. Without volunteers from our island and the Kiawah group, can you imagine what an eyesore visitors would behold on their way to our beautiful islands?

There is a long list of volunteers who have faithfully signed up for each pick up. The EC would be grateful if one or two of you would volunteer to coordinate this valuable program. If you are a new resident and looking for a volunteer opportunity, please contact us as well.

The next pick up is scheduled for September. Please contact Jane Marvin, 336-413-0704, if you are willing to help carry Adopt a Highway forward. No expert skills or experience needed; just an interest in performing a civic duty that enhances our environment and offers a valuable contribution to our community.

-Submitted by Jane Marvin EC Communications

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