Introduction to Chad Droze, New Tidelines Columnist

ChadDrozeWe at Tidelines are delighted to introduce you to Chad Droze, someone many of you may know if you have attended any Seabrook Tech Forums where Chad has described how to use your computer, phone or tablet.   He will become a twice a month contributor to Tidelines, starting at the end of June.

Dennis Pescitelli and I met with Chad at his office in Freshfields Village.  We discussed the kinds of articles he might think about writing.  The rising cost of cable came up and what your options might be in this category.  He will write on new and interesting apps and how they could be useful to you. He talked about discussing wearables such as Fit Bit versus the Apple Watch.  He will do forum follow-ups, home security issues and even wireless systems that allow you to set up a wireless network throughout your house.

Chad has a Computer Science and Math degree from Charleston Southern.  He has been with the company, Post and Computer Center, for some eleven years.  His expertise is in both Apple and Microsoft systems. In addition to computer expertise, he also sells chargers, printers ink and cable hook up devices, which will save you a trip into town in case you need any of them.

He has become well known in Seabrook as the forums he conducts are always packed.  We look forward to having him as a regularly contributing editor to Tidelines.

– Barbara Burgess, Tidelines Writer

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