Safe and Fun for All – 4th of July Parade

Following feedback we received after last year’s 4th of July parade, we are providing the following guidelines:

1. Water gun fights are part of the fun for many, but not everyone enjoys being sprayed. For those in the latter group, we are providing handheld “Please Don’t Spray” signs, which may be picked up at the Lake House front desk. Please respect the preference of anyone holding this sign and save your spray for those who wish to get wet.

2. Please refrain from throwing candy from floats – children can run after it and into the roadway in the blink of an eye. Please DO feel free to bring treats to share to the post-parade celebration at the Lake House!

Submitted by SIPOA

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1 Response to Safe and Fun for All – 4th of July Parade

  1. Mike Morris says:

    You misread kids. Those wearing “Do not spray” signs will be hit the worst.

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