Appealing a County Motor Vehicle Tax Notice

Appealing a County Motor Vehicle Tax Notice

Did you know you can appeal Charleston County’s valuation of your vehicle, for annual motor vehicle tax purposes? According to an article in the P&C a few years ago, the valuations are not based on any of the common publications (Kelley, NADA or Edmunds), but on a proprietary database that’s not available to the public. So if you think the valuation (the “Appraisal” number at the top of the form) is too high, you can appeal.
Take the vehicle either to your dealer, or to Carmax, and get a written appraisal. Both should do this for free. Then take the appraisal to an office of the County Auditor, and they will give you a revised tax bill on the spot. I used the office on Bridge View Road, N. Charleston, off Leeds Road; the whole process took 10 minutes.

-Submitted by Guy Gimson

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