Turtle Patrol Weekly Summary 7/10/16

Monday, July 4 – All zones reported in with no new activity.  Zone 1 reports tent city is back including meat left on the grill.  Zone 2 reports no change in Nest 2. Nest 9 was possibly washed over

Happy 4th!

Tuesday, July 5 – 
Zone 1 no activity .  Zone 2 lots of trash, all the nests look good. Zone 3 in and out near walk # 4 hit the myrtles, crawled down 50 feet hit the myrtles again and left.  Zone 3 Crab hole in nest # 3.

We need more July nests. We need to wake those girls up and get them laying nests.

Have a great day. It is a hot one.


Wednesday, July 6 – Today brought a plethora of false crawls and a paucity of nests. The false crawls won 4 to 0.

Tomorrow will be a  nest day!


Thursday, July 7 -Anne Snelgrove, Melanie Jerome and Gayle Evans started their walk onnest #44 7-16
Zone 1 with a crawl right into the tent city that has been left on the beach. Bill and Eileen Middleton responded. The mama had crawled around a chair and over an air mattress to lay Nest #44 which was left in situ. (Security was called (again) about tent city and they were issued a citation.)

Further down the beach by the boats of Camp St. Christopher, they found a second crawl. The Middletons found Nest #45 and with the help of the walkers moved the 115 eggs to their new home above the high tide line.nest #45 7-16

The walkers also reported an indentation in nest #1.

Meanwhile, Terry Fansler, Gloria Reynolds and the junior Turtle Patrol reported a crawl in front of the Beach Club Villas. Terry had to also be first responder and Bill Nelson came in to assist but alas, it was a false crawl.

Deb Wiehn and Christine Miniman on Zone 3 won the most crawls for the day award. First was an obvious false crawl in front of the myrtles near Boardwalk 2. Their second crawl was at Boardwalk 3. That mama came in before high tide and went into the myrtles, turned, went THROUGH the myrtles, over a dune, crossed Boardwalk 3 and went back to the sea, Judy Morr had no luck as first responder and declared that also was a false crawl. Another 20 yards down the beach, still in the myrtles was yet another false crawl.

Finally, Deb and Christine’s fourth crawl of the morning was about nest #46 7-16200 yards north of Boardwalk 6. Judy Morr was the first responder and found Nest #46. Deb and Christine moved the 95 eggs to a safer location just south of boardwalk 4.

A busy morning with 7 crawls but at least we had 3 nests. Good job by all!


Friday, July 8 – Zone 1 was the lucky zone today. Jacquie DePalma, Cathrine Scully and Sara Klauber along with Jacquie’s granddaughter Audrey Sanderson found a crawl 200 yards south of the vehicle entrance. Bill Greubel responded and found Nest #47. The 93 eggs were moved further south to about 20 yards north of the last trash can. This is Jacquie’s first nest where she and the crew assisted in moving the eggs. Will Klauber brought the kids from the Camp down to “supervise” the move.

Zone 2 reported that Nest 2 is still sleeping nicely.

Zone 3 had an obvious false crawl near Boardwalk 3 where the mama only made it about halfway to the dunes before something convinced her to turn around and go back to sea.

Zone 4 reported (again) small crab holes in Nest 3. Those babies need to hatch before the crabs get into creating bigger access tunnels.

A good Friday that will hopefully be the start of a busy weekend. Have a good one!


Saturday, July 9 – The only activity was a false in and out crawl on zone 3. She didn’t even get to the myrtles.

Harvey and Jen Gibson did some PHAT work on the low numbered nests.

Terry Fansler, Sandy MacCoss and I marked several places on all zones where we can move nests when we get more.

Those girls are being stingy with nests this year. 47 nests and 66 false crawls. They must not like our beach this year and are having a hard time finding nest sites. We have marked areas for nests. We need to tell them to look for blue flags.

Have a great weekend and try to keep cool…

Sunday, July 10 – 
Zone 4, Joshua and Amanda Shilko win todaynest #48 7-16 with a crawl in the bird area. Jen Gibson found nest # 48. The 124 eggs were moved to south of the second dog sign.

Zone 1 The McBrides had a in and out, She never got to soft sand.

Zone 2 Karen Sewell softened the sand of nest #9 from yesterdays rain.

Zone 3 Susie Firesheets softened the sand on the low number nests

That’s all Folks. Enjoy the day.

Submitted by Gary Fansler, Beautsie Zahrn and Judy Morr

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