Letter to the Editor – Roads



The road situation on Johns Island is criminal in it’s inadequacy. Sixteen years ago Main, River and Bohicket roads were deemed to be 3 of 4 of the unsafest roads in the tri-county area, yet nothing has been done to alleviate the situation, over the years their ranking has not improved.
SCDOT and Charleston County have been negligent in their ignoring of this situation.
The flooding of October 2015 was 6″ from completely isolating Johns Island from fire and EMS services other than the facilities also trapped on the island. This is not acceptable behavior on the part of our elected officials and SCDOT.
The common slogan of individuals is that any improvements are only for the benefit of the residents of Seabrook and Kiawah Islands. As anyone analyzed this statement? It is preposterous.
The residents of Johns Island that live deep in the island travel the same inadequate roads and are susceptible to the same dangers that the SBI and KI residents are exposed too. Are their lives of a lesser value?
I-526 it seems will not be built but I would never vote for a tax increase unless there was a law binding commitment to improve the safety of Johns Island roads, be it through widening of existing roads or a cross island greenway.
You attention to this matter is of the gravest urgency.

Robert Savin, MD
Johns Island, SC 29455


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5 Responses to Letter to the Editor – Roads

  1. j. Genosi says:

    Well stated and very true.

  2. Tony Gore says:

    Excellent analysis. Don’t overlook the number of houses and apartments that the county has approved without addressing the road situation. Thus making a disastrous situation even worse.

  3. Dorothy Farfone says:

    Right On! Thank you, Dorothy and Frank Farfone

  4. Phyllis mikula says:

    No tax increase vote coming from Mikula’s unless we get roads fixed. Also lets vote out all the people currently on the board. Something is better than nothing.

  5. William Mowat says:

    Comments well made and I will not support the tax increase unless there is a binding plan to deal with unsafe road situation.

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