Welcome April Goyer- New Tidelines Columnist


We at Tidelines are delighted to introduce you to April Goyer, someone many of you may already know. April has owned property on Seabrook since 2002 and has lived here full time for the last several years. She is a life coach, health coach and personal trainer. She spends much of her professional time training at the Lake House.

April and I discussed the kinds of articles she will be providing. She told me this story, which has bearing on her writing: A number of years ago, April developed a deep respect for being strong. She had been battling degenerative disc disease for some time. In fact at age forty, she was diagnosed as having the discs of a person in her eighties. April’s physician prescribed weight lifting as a last ditch effort before taking the next step of surgery. What she did not realize is how profoundly weight lifting would change her, both inside and out. Not only did she virtually eliminate the pain and problems with her neck; equally as important, she developed a sense of control, empowerment, and self -confidence, the likes of which she had not experienced before in her life. She described it as the feeling that she could do anything and her body and mind would support her.

Since that time, April has used her strength to perform at higher and higher levels both personally and professionally. Her health has given her the stamina, confidence, and creativity to live life fully engaged. She now coaches and trains clients to do the same. Her articles will help readers become more physically capable, emotionally connected and mentally focused.

We look forward to having April as a regularly contributing writer to Tidelines.

Watch for Aprilfit: The art of strong living coming soon.

Submitted by Sally Kimball, Tidelines Writer

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