Have you joined Nextdoor Seabrook Island?

nextdoorpngNextdoor is a free, private social network for our Seabrook Island “neighborhood.” Think of it as a Facebook for our community.  On Nextdoor, you can communicate informally with all of us who are Nextdoor subscribers. In an exchange last month, one member offered a child’s bike for free and another made arrangements to pick it up. Neighbors can ask for recommendations, suggest a good service provider, and offer things for sale.

Nextdoor would be a great source to exchange information about Hurricane Matthew and its impact on Seabrook Island. Check in with your neighbors who stayed behind.


-Submitted by Tidelines Staff

3 thoughts on “Have you joined Nextdoor Seabrook Island?”

  1. Hello. I just tried to sign onto Nextdoor, but it didn’t recognize our address at Bohicket Marina Villa as part of Seabrook Island. Can we be included? Thanks!
    Nancy Brown & Flo Foley.

  2. Next Door only works if the billing address for the phone or credit card number is the Seabrook address, so if you’re an out of town owner it doesn’t work except by postcard.

  3. i would like to join Nextdoor.com but could not find a way. I think someone who is a member needs to invite me? We use Next-door.com at our Atlanta home and an invitation is required. Please advise if you can. Many thanks, Cindy Leidenfrost 2929 Atrium Villa

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