A Note to Our Readers

As we begin returning to Seabrook and start the cleanup in the aftermath of the storm, the Tidelines staff would like to make the following requests of our readers:

  1. We truly grateful for the large number of expressions of appreciation received throughout the storm. It’s gratifying to know that we’ve helped our Seabrook community through this event. However, please refrain from sending these on to us, as they help fill our inbox which has been otherwise well-stocked now for some time.
  2. Please refrain from comments or e-mail inquiring about the status of your property. We are presently focused on disseminating information from trusted and official sources about general conditions on the Island. We are unable to serve as a communication hub for these requests, and we are unaware of any mechanism set up solely for this purpose. Additionally, we are working from locations as far away as Charlotte and have no staff on the Island. Nextdoor.com may be an appropriate venue for these questions. (See our post from earlier today regarding Nextdoor.com.)
  3. Please refrain from comments or e-mail asking if there are any updates. When we receive newsworthy information, we are posting it as soon as practicable.
  4. Please refrain from comments or e-mail asking why certain decisions were or were not made. The official sources that share information with us are focused on returning the Island to normalcy. Neither they nor we are able to respond to these inquiries. Those questions are best saved for other forums after we all get back.
  5. Over the next couple of days, Tidelines staff will be returning to the Island. We will attempt to keep up with breaking news, but we obviously cannot guarantee that we can maintain the depth and speed of coverage that we have provided during the storm. Accordingly, there may be pauses in coverage. Please bear with us as we re-establish ourselves closer to home.

See you on the Island!

-Tidelines Staff

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