Security Alert – Nielsen Television

As you may know, well after normal working hours last  Friday evening (October 14), representatives from the Nielsen Television Rating service were on Seabrook Island attempting to recruit individuals to complete details regarding their television viewing for the ratings service company.  Security has been alerted to this situation and Nielsen has been advised not to access the Seabrook Island community for this purpose in the future.  While this was not a scam, the timing was of course particularly unfortunate, and SIPOA recognizes that this situation created concern for property owners.  The Nielson employees gave a specific address that they said they were visiting, but it appears that they went to additional properties.  We have reinforced with Security that  they should attempt to contact the address given by a property owner in circumstances like this, before allowing entry.  If you should receive such a call in the future, please assist Security should they telephone you to confirm that you have requested services from a specific service provider.

-Submitted by Janet Gorski, President, SIPOA Board of Directors

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2 Responses to Security Alert – Nielsen Television

  1. Susan Colatsky says:

    Someone posted earlier that Nielsen did not have a business pass. If that is true, and from your post it sounds as if the property owner had not called in a pass, I’m wondering why Security let them in.

  2. Sheila Quigley says:

    Had the owner of the address Nielsen purportedly was visiting called in a pass? If not, why did Security allow them on?

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