Town of Seabrook Island Town Council Meeting Agenda – October 25, 2016



October 25, 2016, at 2:30 p.m. at Town Hall


Pledge of Allegiance-Call to Order-Roll Call-Freedom of Information


Town Council Meeting of September 27, 2016

Public Hearing of September 27, 2016

Special Town Council Meeting of October 4, 2016

Special Town Council Meeting of October 5, 2016 – Cancelled

Special Town Council Meeting of October 11, 2016

Ways & Means Committee Meeting of October 18, 2016

Financials –  For the Month of September 2016

Citizens/Guests Presentations, Comments:

Reports of Standing Committees, Commissions, Boards:

Public Safety/Club Long Range Planning Committee – John Gregg

Communications/Environmental – Jody Turner

Advertising & Public Relations/Special Projects – John Wells

  • Update on G. Robert George & Assoc.
  • A-Tax Committee Meeting

Community Relations – Skip Crane

  • Hurricane Matthew – Bohicket Marina/Camp St. Christopher/SIPOA
  • Items from SIPOA not Directly Related to Hurricane Matthew

Ways & Means 

Planning Commission

Board of Zoning Appeals

Reports of Ad Hoc Committees:

Reports of Town Officers:


  • Revoke Faye Allbritton and Lynda Whitworth’s Responsibilities for Town Administrator/Zoning Administrator Position

Town Administrator/Zoning Administrator

  • Request for Extension of Zoning Permit 11682 – Byrd Builders, Inc. – 3109 Marsh Gate – Extension has already been granted by Zoning Administrator that expired on October 24, 2016.

Town Council Members

Utility Commission 

Petitions Received, Referred or Disposed of:  None

Ordinances for First Reading:

  • Ordinance 2016-09, An Ordinance to Rezone 2608 Seabrook Island Road and 2450 Bateau Trace


Ordinances for Second Reading:

Miscellaneous Business

Citizens Comments


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