Green and Proud of It

Green Space LogoThe Seabrook Island Green Space Conservancy began a new organizational year a little later than originally planned thanks to Hurricane Matthew. Although only one board member, President Dave Bauhs, is retiring, the joke is that it will take 7 people to replace him. Bringing new ideas and skill sets to the board are Larry Buchman, Chris Byczek, Lisa Cermak, Lori Leary, Emery MacPherson, Charley Moore, and Beth Nichols. Officers for the coming year will be President Jeri Finke, Vice President Mary Beth Dacey, Secretary Paula Adamson and Treasurer Bob Norris.


New GSC Board Members
Photo by Mary Beth Joyce

The SIGSC Board of Directors would like to thank the Town and POA officials who worked diligently before, during and after the storm to protect and restore our way of life. Emergencies such as this make us appreciate the island’s special environment even more.
If the generosity of our community in 2017 is anything like 2016, then green days are ahead for our magnificent island. Look for the annual Seabrook Island Green Space Conservancy brochure in this November’s Seabrooker or visit the Conservancy’s website at www.sigsc to find out how you can help support the Conservancy’s efforts. Be green and be proud!

-Submitted by Lisa Hillman

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