Letter to the Editor – SIPOA Board Meeting

Letter clipart SAVEFor those of you who have not been to a live SIPOA Board meeting lately (I have not been for years), yesterday certainly was a refreshing change from years past. There is a welcoming attitude among these board members and our SIPOA president as soon as you walk in the room. The meeting was run in a civilized manner, moved on quickly, all board members were present except for one, and all seem well-prepared for the meeting. In spite of the myriad of problems and budget issues facing them after the hurricane as well as the normal planning issues, they were definitely moving ahead and were broadcasting the meeting by phone while we were there to those who could not be present. Plenty of people showed up for the meeting.

What is definitely a noteworthy change is that they are trying to improve the bureaucratic nature of the lives of both SIPOA homeowners and condo owners. It seems there is some kind of simplification of ARB rules in progress, so instead of concentrating on what we cannot do to our properties, it appears that they are going to encourage us to actually make improvements and repairs to our properties and lighten our burden to do so. That will be a wonderful relief. We’ll see what happens next week at the regular meeting when many things are scheduled for approval.

Can’t wait to see what they do next week. Worth going.

Lori Hilker

Seabrook Island, SC


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One Response to Letter to the Editor – SIPOA Board Meeting

  1. Phyllis Mikula says:

    Nice letter, Lori. Well said.

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