Election Results – Seabrook Island

The Lake House polling location closed promptly at 7:00 pm this evening.  A total of 74% of Seabrookers voted, including absentee and early voters.

Below is a summary of the major races.  The numbers reflect only those who voted in person today.  The tabulation of the absentee and early voters will be sometime after Thursday when the Election Commission meets.

The compete list of all the races is posted on the Lake House window as you walk in the front door.  Several candidates ran in multiple parties.  Those are denoted by parentheses.


Trump 637
Clinton  467
Johnson 57
McMullin 18
Stein 3
Castle 3
Skewes 1


Scott 871
Dixon (DEM) 274
Dixon (WFM) 4
Dixon (GRN) 3
Bledsone (LIB) 12
Bledsoe (CON) 4
Scarborough 1


Sanford 776
Cherney (DEM) 323
Cherny (GRN) 12
Cherny (WFM) 7
Grier 27
Travison 3

QUESTION 1 (1/2 cent sales tax for roads)

Yes 606
No 583

QUESTION 2 (issuance of bonds for road projects)

Yes 631
No 533

It is interesting to note that the tabulations are on both a flash drive and on tape.  George Rheinhart will be driving the flash drive up to North Charleston this evening.  The tape is a back up of the information.

A big thanks to all the poll workers.  They were there from 6:00 am to set up until 8:00 pm to put everything away.  They couldn’t leave the building and had to bring their lunch and snacks.

-Submitted by Tidelines Editors

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One Response to Election Results – Seabrook Island

  1. Nancy Buck says:

    Just wanted to let you know so you can pass it on to readers, that former mayor Bill Holz passes away on Sunday. Diane’s address for those who want to send condolences:

    Diane Holtz 400 Avinger Lane Davidson, NC 28036

    Thank you for passing this on.

    Nancy Buck Coastal Getaway of SC 843-789-4438 www,cgofsc.com

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