Abridged Environmental Committee Meeting Minutes for November 2, 2016

Lake House Wildflower Project

Michael Orris reported that he presented the latest plan to the board but they did not choose to discuss the current plan.

Lake Dredging

Steve Hirsch reported that the lakes are being dredged and downed trees from Hurricane Matthew are being removed from lakes as well.

Yard Debris

It still will take a while until all debris is picked up. Contractors are not allowed to pile debris by the road. They are required to haul their clients’ debris out.

There is much analysis occurring on the island about various issues and will continue to be discussed to aid in future disaster planning.


Joe Stevenot reported that there are two flocks of turkeys and many sightings of piebald deer.

Waste Management and Recycling

Recycling was down in September for unknown reasons.

Nature Trails

The annual check of trails will be done before the end of the year. Green Space properties will be included as well. The Bobcat Dune trail is slated to be replaced in 2017.

Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Resource Development

Barry Shedrow will provide additional information to the committee at the next meeting regarding the potential environmental impacts of proposed offshore wind farm development.

Audubon International Sustainable Communities Program (AISCP)

Seabrook Island’s AISCP planning process has progressed from Stage 1, where community sustainability goals are assessed, to Stage 2 where community input is obtained through public meetings to assist in setting priorities and creating a 20-year Sustainability Vision Plan. The first AISCP community meeting was held at the Lake House on November 1. Subsequent public meetings are planned to acquire additional public input from the Seabrook Island community.

Turtle Patrol

Lucy Hoover reported that 60 nests were identified this summer. Seabrook Island was recognized as having the most volunteer hours in South Carolina.

Wild Things

Charley wrote an article on how our wildlife survive during hurricanes for the Seabrooker.

Deer Management

Charley reported that an average of 70 deer were counted during the annual deer survey in September. The November survey will be conducted on November 28, 29 and 30.

SBI Birders

The next meeting is November 16 and the topic will be turkeys. There are various activities each month. Those can be viewed on the website.

Palmetto Lake Fishing Dock

Michael Orris presented the proposed fishing dock to the board. He feels there needs to be more discussion and concrete details with a design of the fishing dock before a motion should be made to the board.

Beach Management

There are a lot of wax myrtles on the beach from the hurricane. They will be left to help restore the dunes.

John Turner reported that there is ongoing research about the best way to secure signage buoys at North Beach.

-Submitted by Jane Marvin

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