Special Note for Holiday Arrivals-Canned Foods Needed

cannedfooddirveCelebrating Thanksgiving in paradise, otherwise known as Seabrook Island, we all, whether resident or visitor, owner or renter, have so much to be thankful for. One way to make our holiday celebrations even more full, even more meaningful, is to help make the season more enjoyable for our less fortunate neighbors in Johns Island, Wadmalaw and James Island.

Seabrookers have already contributed over 2,100 pounds of food to the drive. It might be tempting to think, the drive is already a success, do they really need more food? Well, the fact is that as generous as Seabrookers have been, there is much more work to be done. Did you know that nearly 4,000 residents of Johns Island and Wadmalaw struggle with hunger? or, even more alarmingly, that some 90% of the children in Johns Island and Wadmalaw live below the poverty line? You can see that our food drive is filling a critical local need. So, yes, we really do need more food.

If you are participating in any of the Thanksgiving events at The Lake House, please bring three cans with you for your events: if you are not participating in any of the Thanksgiving events, please stop in at The Lake House over the next few days and donate some cans; if you have already made a contribution, please drop off a few more cans; and, if you have not yet contributed, please do so ASAP. What could possibly make your own holiday more rewarding than joining your fellow Seabrookers in this incredible drive to provide much needed holiday food to our neighbors? Our goal is 2,800 pounds. With your help, we CAN fight hunger in Johns Island.

Don’t forget, canned foods only, and please check the expiration dates on all your cans before donating.

Please bring your contributions to The Lake House and place them behind the pillar under the “NEW CONTRIBUTIONS” sign. We will weigh them before they are added to the cans on display.

Thank you for your generosity in helping to give our less fortunate neighbors a more joyous holiday season.

-Submitted by Bruce Kleinman, Activities Committee

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