December 7 is Deadline for Open Enrollment

For those of us on Medicare, the December 7 deadline for open enrollment looms. Have you wondered if your current prescription coverage is the best option for you? There is a handy tool on the Medicare website that will provide a good bit of information to help you decide. Go to and you’ll find a screen like this:

Medicare-1 Dec 2016

From here click on the Find health & drugs plans and choose one of the screens shown below. In the first instance, you can enter just your ZIP code. In the second, you can get more specific data by filling in a more detailed form. For this, you will need to have information shown on your Medicare ID card and a list of all the prescription drugs you are taking.

Medicare-2 Dec 2016


Medicare-3 Dec 2016

The result of the search is a list of prescription drug plans showing the cost and the extent of coverage for the drugs that you take. You may find you can save a bit of money- or be happy with what you already have. In either case, you’ll be a more informed consumer.

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