Brown & White Pickup Friday, January 6

Remember, THIS FRIDAY, JANUARY 6 is the monthly Brown & White pickup.

The basics:
Furniture, appliances, etc., may be put out curbside (out by 7:00 am the day of the pick-up, and not before 5:00 pm the evening before). Hazardous materials (batteries, paint, etc.) may be brought to the maintenance facility (Seabrook Island Rd, behind the Garden Plots) for safe disposal.


What is the purpose of Brown & White pickup?
This pickup is intended for those larger items which are not acceptable for the standard weekly pickup and would normally have to be taken to the County landfill facility on Bees Ferry Road in West Ashley. SIPOA offers this special pickup monthly, as a convenience to our owners.

What is okay to put out curbside?
Furniture (all sorts), appliances, lawn equipment, most other large-size goods which would not be acceptable for the regular weekly pickup

What is NOT okay to put out curbside?
– Hazardous waste such as paint, fluorescent lights, and batteries (take these to the maintenance facility on the same day, Priority-1 personnel will be standing by from 7:00-3:00 for collection and safe removal)
– Waste generated by contracted workers in the course of doing a job (contractors are responsible for removing their own project waste, such as carpet, floor boards, cabinets, etc., from Seabrook Island property)

May I leave items at the Maintenance facility at other times?
Nothing may be left outside the compactor or on the ground at the SIPOA Maintenance facility at ANY time. The area is under video surveillance, and violators will be assessed per the Rules and Regulations. Please take advantage of this monthly pickup or utilize the County facilities.

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