Conversations with a Curator: Historic Textiles Curator Jan Hiester on Killer Fashion, 1/13

For this tour, participants will take a last look at Killer Fashion: The Consequence of Style, delving into the darker side of fashionable dress. In addition to the furs, feathers and ivory that decimated animal populations for fashion accessories, everyone will look at the use of snakeskin, whale baleen and even silkworms. Clothing production proved deadly for its makers and sometimes for its wearers and Historic Textiles Curator Jan Hiester will discuss the dyeing industry, the Mad Hatter and even the possible cause for Napoleon’s demise. You might even choose to try on a hoop skirt, but watch your step or you too could be a fashion victim!

Conversations with a Curator allows visitors a chance to have an intimate look at an exhibit in The Charleston Museum, hear stories, ask questions and spark conversations. The Museum’s collections are both extraordinary and diverse and each Curator-led talk and tour will allow participants to immerse themselves in different areas of Charleston’s history.


All Conversations with a Curator programs are open to the public and FREE for Members.

Conversations with a Curator programs are typically held on the second Friday of each month, with a few exemptions.

01/13/2017, 10:30 am – 11:45 am

The Charleston Museum
360 Meeting Street
Charleston, South Carolina 29403

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