Meet The Candidates Night, 1/9/2017

Reminder-The 2016 SIPOA Nominating Committee invites property owners to our “Meet the Candidates” night on Monday, January 9th. This is your opportunity to hear the candidates speak and ask them questions. The event will start 5:00 pm in the Live Oak Hall at The Lake House. Please mark it on your calendars!

Can’t make it? We’ve got you covered – the event will be recorded and the video posted on Tidelines. In the meantime, be sure to listen to the latest episode of the Tidecasting podcast, which features audio interviews with all candidates.

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4 Responses to Meet The Candidates Night, 1/9/2017

  1. Jerry Cohen says:

    What’s the point if there is no choice??

  2. Janet Gorski says:

    There are three candidates for two positions on the 2017-2018 Nominating Committee. Come on out and meet them. Why not meet the candidates for the SIPOA Board of Directors? You might find them to be well qualified.

    • Barry Cranfill says:

      I am certain that the “candidates” for the Board of Directors are “qualified”… Any property owner in good standing would be “qualified!” But unfortunately, the current archaic and draconian Nominating Committee process (that has provided four “candidates” for four openings) has now prevented we property owners from determining who we wish to represent us on the SIPOA Board. The Board and their Nominating Committee have decided FOR the property owners because the SIPOA Board believes that property owners are incapable of determining which owners are qualified to even BE candidates!

  3. Bryan Millar says:

    They may indeed be well qualified; unfortunately none of them will be able to properly represent the interests of the significant number of property owners who are not club members.

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