Oh Happy Day Gospel Music Series


The Oh Happy Day Gospel Music Experience crosses the lines of age, culture and color. This concert presents this colorful music through traditional songs, hymns, spirituals and the contemporary.

This musical series starts on January 15th with a tribute to MLK at the Circular Church at 150 Meeting Street.  All performances begin at 5 pm.

The well orchestrated vocals, grasp the sound, emotion and message portrayed in gospel music. The Bright Family Singers are joined by an ensemble of exceptional singers, that musically navigates the concert, with powerful choral and solo renditions.


Negro Spirituals are sung along with a historical narrative, which brings enlightenment to the suffering and struggle of the slaves. Hymns are performed with audience participation.
Mahalia Jackson, Paul Robeson, Andrae Crouch, Thomas Dorsey and the composer of “Oh Happy Day”, Edwin Hawkins, are just a few of the artists whose music will be performed with a narrative of their time period.

The Bright Family Singers sing with a very unique vocal blend that seems to merge the sound of Gospel with Classical.
The family’s performance is always electrifying and tends to take the audience from tears to a a joyful celebration in this 75 minute presentation.

Future Dates:
January 15th – 5pm
February 19th and 26th
March 19th
April 23rd
May 7th

For additional information and tickets, call 843-926-7119.

(Photo credit and information:  www.charlestoncvb.org)

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