New Additions to Dining at Freshfields

Those of us who have lived in Seabrook for a long time, have seen many restaurants come and go. You begin to be able to tell early on which ones are going to make it and which ones will fold in a matter of time. First, there’s word of mouth and it can be a killer for a restaurant start up if several of your neighbors start telling you things like “the food was cold”, or “it took so long for them to deliver our order”. The final stone in the coffin is always, “the food just wasn’t very good”.

Freshfields, however, seems to be avoiding that model. The food services they started out with, for example, Vincent’s Drug Store, has been serving breakfast and luncheons since the day they started as one of the first food location in Freshfields. Today you can get French bistro fare at Hege’s, Italian food at La Tela, American pub food at King St. Grill, or even soda fountain fare at Vincent’s Drug Store. You can start your day with coffee and pastries at Java Java and end the evening with a glass of wine and a cheese plate from FortyEight A Wine Bar. These restaurants have been around for a long time.

This quarter, Freshfield’s will welcome two additions to their restaurant offerings, one is Fuji Suchi Bar and Grill and the other is Cantina 76. Since there are no restaurants in Freshfields offering Asian or Mexican food, these two will extend the types of food choices available within the Village dining scene.

Fuji’s will feature authentic Japanese cuisine, signature sushi rolls, traditional hibachi entrees and creative Asian fusion dishes. There will be indoor and patio seating.  Cantina 76 will offer diners Mexican inspired cuisine from tacos to salads as well as margaritas and a wide selection of macro and craft beers. Cantina 76 expected to open in the April with Fuji Suchi Bar and Grill following in May. Both will be located in the new building facing the lake. Cantina 78 will be on the corner next to Tommy Bahamas’ and Fuji two doors down on the end.

Something new for us to look forward to.

Barbara Burgess, Tidelines Staff Writer



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5 Responses to New Additions to Dining at Freshfields

  1. Teri Hinkebein says:

    Thank you for your great news! And, thank you for pointing out what, in my opinion, is the reason many new restaurants fail. Local residents visit a new restaurant once, something doesn’t suit them, and word begins to spread not to patronize the new restaurant. Subsequently, they fail. My hope for locals concerning these new restaurants is something my mother lived by, “If you don’t have something nice to say, don’t say anything at all.”

  2. Eve Herbick says:

    This is a great summary of the Freshfields dining opportunities. I would like to print this so that I can put it in my rental property books for guests.

  3. Marnie M. Ellis says:

    It’s wonderful to have choices and it’s really great to have dining choices without having to really leave the island. Important to support these places so we have variety for ourselves and our guests. If you visit and aren’t pleased the first time, go again and give it a second chance. AND tell the management so they can improve Tell them before you tell your neighbors! And, have to add, the best breakfast buffet around is at Harris Teeter! Fresh, good and cheap.

  4. Deborah Robinson says:

    And another option which I think is a pretty well-kept secret: Andell Inn has some delicious light fare in the bar and lounge, too. With live music, attentive service and a really nice atmosphere, Andell Inn’s low-key approach to hospitality makes this one of our favorite choices at Freshfields.

  5. Stan Smith says:

    Cantina 76 has two locations in Columbia and one in Greenville. It’s one of our favorites and the “Tres Hombres” is excellent. You can check out their menu here.

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