GOMC Highlights, January 2017

The General Operating & Maintenance Committee (GOMC) of The Seabrook Island Property Owners Association

Summary,  January  2017

GOMC met on Tuesday January 3rd; here are the highlights of that meeting:

1.  Bike Path and Lake House signs

a.  We reviewed the current locations of “STOP” signs on the Bike Paths, and resolved to add signs at Seabrook Village Drive, Bohicket Creek Place and Little Creek Road and relocate one sign at Seabrook Island Road.

b.  We recommended, and the Board subsequently approved, a 5’ x 10’ “Lake House” sign to be located along Seabrook Island Road, under the trees between the two Lake House driveways.

2.  Boardwalks

a.  We reaffirmed the decision to rebuild BW #1 using IPE as the correct long-term choice. IPE has a much longer service life than the existing pressure treated wood. The cost difference vs. composite decking is small – about 1.25% in material cost.

3.  Gatehouse

a.  The slab, framing and roof trusses are complete; windows are on-site. The project is proceeding to complete the building in mid-March.

b.  Installation of a backflow preventer (“Checkmate”) on the storm water line into the creek is scheduled for February.

4.  Lake House

a.  HVAC duct cleaning will be scheduled for late February, after the Annual Meeting; the work will take 4 weeks, in 2 stages. We will have extensive communication to property owners as the detailed schedule is developed, since the HVAC system will be down in parts of the building as the work is done.

5.  Berkeley Electric (BEC) LED Street Lamps

a.  BEC has sent a proposal for the replacement of all of our street lamps with LED fixtures. The proposal was unattractive on both cost and technical grounds.


Submitted by Guy Gimson, GOMC Chair



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