US Fish & Wildlife to Visit our Beach on Thursday, January 26th

Tomorrow (Thursday), a team from US Fish & Wildlife will be on North Beach around noon, at low tide, to inspect the critical habitat area. Later in February,  they will return to begin the annual Piping Plover count. This is part of a national eastern seaboard research effort. The POA is assisting in funding the research in our area as part of the Capn Sams Cut permit agreement.

Piping Plovers are an endangered species that winter in Central and South America and at this time of year begin migrating north. They stop here for a couple of months to rest and feed to rebuild their strength for the next leg of their trip. It’s very important that they not be disturbed, chased, or otherwise disrupted. So, it’s critical that we pay special attention to the signs restricting exercising dogs in the area at the north east end of the beach .

Submitted by John Turner, Seabrook Town Council

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