SIPOA Voting Reminder

SIPOA encourages everyone to submit their electronic and paper Proxy Appointment form and Referendum Ballot form before February 17, 2017 EST at 4:00pm.

If you voted online before the clerical errors contained in the online proxy appointment form were discovered, you will need to recast your vote. You should have received an email on January 18, 2017 concerning this.  Your voting log-in information and access password are included in the emails you received from Association Voting.

Note:  the sender on the emails about voting is,  not SIPOA.  

Please remember that your voting package includes two forms: a Proxy Appointment form and a Referendum Ballot form. The Proxy Appointment form is only applicable to cast your votes for:

Board and Nominating Committee positions,
2017 Annual Budget,
Amendment to the Protective Covenants, and
Two amendments to the Bylaws.

By completing the Referendum Ballot form, you may cast your vote on the Referendum regarding elimination of the Nominating Committee. NOTE: The Referendum Ballot form must be submitted by February 17, 2017 at 4:00pm Eastern Time in order to be counted.

If you are voting by paper, please follow the directions in the voting package and be sure to complete and return both forms (blue and yellow) following the instructions on the forms.

If you are voting electronically, you will be directed first to the Proxy Appointment form and then automatically to the Referendum Ballot form. Please remember that the electronic submission system requires you to submit all of your votes at the same time.

If you have questions, please contact the SIPOA office at 843-768-0061 for assistance, or email Heather Paton, Executive Director at

Annual meeting package documents are available at any time on our website:

In addition to the candidate biographies included above, Tidelines is also featuring a podcast of audio interviews with the Board and Nominating Committee candidates, as well as a full video of the the 01/09/17 Meet the Candidates Night.

-Tidelines Editor & SIPOA

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