Recycle That Bicycle!

If any of our readers are planning to put old bicycles out at the curb for Brown & White pickup on Friday, February 17th, here’s a great alternative for them to consider:

Sarah Quinn is a resident of Seabrook Island who attends Porter-Gaud School. Her service project this semester is Bicycles for Humanity (B4H).

B4H is is a global grassroots movement of local chapters in developing countries that empowers many in the developing world with the gift of mobility delivered by a bicycle. A bicycle allows a healthcare worker to visit 4 to 5 times the number of patients in a day. It allows a mother to transport water and get her goods to market. For students that have to travel long distances to schools, it allows them more time and energy for studies and helping at home. A bicycle can help in all these areas and many more.

Over the last three years, Porter-Gaud students have been a part of the B4H-Charleston program by donating, fixing up, and preparing bicycles to be shipped to small villages in Namibia and Uganda.

Sarah is reaching out to readers with hope that they have a bicycle (rusty, old, or new) that they could graciously donate to this mission. Her parents have agreed to pick up any donation. B4H also accepts money to fund the bikes’ trip to Africa.

Sarah can be reached at (843) 768-4407 or by e-mail at

To learn more about Bicycles for Humanity, click here.

-Tidelines Editor; submitted by Sarah Quinn

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