Seabrook Island Club 2017 Election Results

The 2017 Board of Governors were officially voted into office this morning, followed by the nomination of officers and committee chairs, as listed below.
New to the Board this year are Fred Finke (3-year term), Warren McCulloch (3-year term) and Doris Reinhart (3-year term). Returning to the Board are George Conbeer (3-year term) and Jerry Farber (2-year term).
2017 Board of Governors
Jerry Farber, President
Bob Nerhood, Vice President, Long Range Planning Committee Chair
Richard Marion, Secretary, Equestrian Committee Chair
George Conbeer, Treasurer, Finance Committee Chair
David Allen, Past President, Nominating Committee Chair
Donna Brown, Racquet Sports Committee Chair
Fred Finke, Golf Committee Chair
Jody Garvey, Social/Recreation Committee Chair
Jim Leib, Membership Committee Chair
Frank McCann, Legal Counsel
Warren McCulloch, Vice Chair of Communications and Operations Committees
Doris Reinhart, Vice Chair of Finance and Membership Committees
Don Romano, Operations Committee Chair
Anne Smith, House Committee Chair
Bill Greubel will continue to chair the SIRE Board, but will do so as a non-board member.
-Tidelines Editor
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