Potential Dog Park at Mullet Hall Equestrian Center

As many of you know, Mullet Hall Equestrian Center, part of Charleston County Park & Recreation Commission, recently opened to leashed dogs on its trails. Park Manager Phillip Eldred is interested in building a dog park, where dogs could run off-leash within a gated enclosure, at Mullet Hall as well. Mullet Hall is located just off River Road at 2262 Mullet Hall Road – roughly a 5-minute drive from the Freshfields traffic circle.

The park manager has asked that those who support his efforts to bring a dog park to Mullet Hall drop him a brief email stating your support. He will collect supporting emails and use them to demonstrate to his superiors public support for bringing a dog park to Mullet Hall. Please note that the dog park would be built, operated and maintained by Charleston County Park & Recreation, and as a public park would be open to the public, not just residents of Seabrook or Kiawah. The costs of building, operating and maintenance would be borne by the County – not by Seabrookers.

As you know, there have been several efforts to bring a dog park to Seabrook itself, the most recent having taken place about a year ago. Hundreds of Seabrookers supported the creation of a dog park here, but few were willing to pay an annual fee to make the project economically viable. Having a dog park nearby (which we ourselves do not have to pay for directly, build, obtain permits for, clean, or supervise) would be a tremendous boon to those of us who enjoy taking our dogs to a dog park for exercise and socialization.

If you support bringing a dog park to Mullet Hall, please take a moment to drop an email to Phillip Eldred, Park Manager, at his email address: peldred@ccprc.com. Mr Eldred has authorized the release of his email address so that we can garner support for the dog park. If you live on Seabrook, own property here, are a visitor, renter, or guest, and support the dog park, please drop him a short note. (You don’t even need to have a dog yourself! Maybe you have a “granddog” who visits, or your renters would like this resource for their dogs!)

Bringing a dog park to Mullet Hall is entirely up to the decision makers within Charleston County Park & Recreation. But if you would like to see this happen, please take a moment to do what you can to help that effort by emailing the park manager: peldred@ccprc.com.

Submitted by Deborah Robinson

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  1. I totally agree that Mullet Hall is the perfect place for a dog park. In fact, I recently sent an email to the director of Parks for the county stating this very idea. I think it is well worth the money and upkeep. I do urge everyone with or without dogs to support this effort. Jane Marvin

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