Abridged Minutes: April 5 SIPOA Safety & Security Meeting

This is an abridged summary of the minutes from the April 5, 2017 Safety & Security meeting. A complete copy of the minutes is available in the archives section of the SIPOA website at http://www.associationvoice.com/ResourceCenter/15432/Library

Committee discussion topics:

• Subcommittees were established for further study and/or actions regarding multiple Safety & Security issues. See motions below.
• Motions passed:
o The Committee passed a motion, for submission to the SIPOA Board, updating and clarifying our policy regarding trash dumping by commercial cleaning companies. Commercial cleaning companies shall be treated as “contractors” for purposes of this policy and will not be allowed to dump trash at the SIPOA central trash dumping facility.
o The Committee passed a motion establishing a sub-committee to update the handout portion of the Safety & Security policies.
o The Committee passed a motion to establish a sub-committee to research and make recommendations concerning the use of electric-motor assisted bicycles and other electric-assisted modes of personal transportation, including but not limited to skateboards, scooters, hover boards and other similar vehicles.
o The Committee passed a motion to establish a sub-committee to research the feasibility of using license plate readers, instead of bar codes, to approve entry of vehicles into Seabrook Island.
o The Committee passed a motion to establish a sub-committee to review the feasibility of developing a policy, with rules and regulations, concerning the operation of drone aircraft on Seabrook Island.
o Motions concerning solicitation by contractors and concerning assisting persons of limited mobility were tabled for future action, pending further input and/or study.

SIPOA Security (G4S) Report for March, 2017

• Citations: There were 104 security violations issued in March, which included the following:
o 43 speeding
o 4 no driver licenses
o 5 trailer violations
o 3 no registration
o 2 unlawful passing
o 27 no pass displayed
o 15 stop sign violations
o 2 parking violations
o 1 commercial access violation
o 1 disturbing the peace violation
o 1 animal/pet violation

All appeals were reviewed and/or heard and decisions were made based on the facts and merits of each case.

Bill Bryant, Secretary; Ed Houff, Chair

-Submitted by Bill Bryant

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