Vehicle Information For Gatehouse

Over the next few months, SIPOA will be implementing a new gate-access software system.

This software product is used in many large communities nationwide, and reports have been enthusiastically favorable. The system will help reduce the time needed to process guest passes at the gate, is compatible with our existing barcodes and readers, and even has an app for mobile devices that allows owners to input passes for their guests.

In order to ensure the transfer of data from the existing system to the new system is as accurate and seamless as possible, SIPOA needs to verify and update owner vehicle and contact information.

Please complete this vehicle information form and return it to SIPOA before 5/31/17. A paper copy has also been mailed to you, which, if you prefer, can be returned in person, by mail (SIPOA / 1202 Landfall Way / Johns Island SC 29455), fax (843-768-4317), or via email to: (Click here for a PDF of the paper form.)

We will keep you updated as the software installation progresses. Before it is launched, we will provide specific details on system features and usage, as well as online and group instruction for anyone needing assistance.

Thank you!

-Submitted by Heather Paton, AMS, CMCA, PCAM
Executive Director

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