Correction To SIPOA Meeting Minutes Highlights

Guy Gimson, Chair of the General Operations and Maintenance Committee, has asked us to correct the paragraph concerning his report. The original report in the “Highlights from the SIPOA Board Meeting on May 15”  was posted this morning, May 23, 2017.

It should have read as follows:

Guy Gimson (General Operations and Maintenance) reported that the parking area for boats and cars at the end of Boardwalk 2 that was overwashed during Hurricane Matthew is no longer suitable for use. As a replacement for this important element of beach access, the GOMC and Environmental Committees are planning to create four parking spaces close to the ramp beside Boardwalk 1 for use by people with disabilities. (The chain “gate” at the head of the roadway next to Boardwalk 1 will remain in place, and procedures for vehicle access to the beach parking will be unchanged.) Repairs to the Lake House pergola’s water damage are scheduled to begin soon. As reported by Ms. Paton, the Certificate of Occupancy for the new Gate House is expected soon, so the move-in will occur soon after Memorial Day weekend. Demolition of the old Gate House should be complete by late June; the project will have to involve some re-routing of traffic, and all efforts will be made to avoid affecting traffic during peak hours.

-Submitted by Guy Gimson, Chairman, SIPOA General Operations and Maintenance Committee

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