Kickin’ Off the Summer, Seabrook Style

Lanterns, a lovely bouquet of jumbo hydrangeas, oriental kites flying in the breezes, candles, BBQ, salads and, of course, our very own bonfire on the beach!! Kickin’ off the summer, Seabrook Style!!!

How lucky are we to live on this stunningly beautiful island, where friends can gather together around a beach fire — recounting stories, telling jokes, and sharing a few laughs — ever careful to tamp out our fire with water before covering with sand – out of concern for turtles coming ashore at night to lay their eggs.

Everything was perfect – the company, food, bonfire — and of course, the beautiful beach on Boardwalk # 9. It is moments like this that remind us how fortunate we our to live life to its fullest on this island paradise!

-Submitted by by Sue Dostal, video by Renee Black

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